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My Last Winter - Aeden Grey
Falling - Aeden Grey
Aeden Grey

Falling - Aeden Grey

Song: Falling Artist: Aeden Grey Album: The Great Emptiness Lyrics: Falling As I walk through the forest From the darkness came a light So bright and blinding Never saw anything so warm Her skin as white as snow Perfumed with the scent of winter Her eyes of emerald green Pierced my soul and made me fall We walked together side by side As the sun extinguished the dark Coldness and loneliness disappeared Never felt something like this Her hair as dark as night The delicacy of the sweetest silk Her lips of scarlet red Kissed my heart and made me fall I never knew that such a thing existed in this world This feeling inside pulsing through my body Maybe there is hope for me after all Someone who can see who I really am Someone who can give me my chance Who can see past my difference We went into the forest Hiding from everybody else This secret place where we met A cradle for our passion Her naked skin warmed my flesh Made me forget my past Her kisses are all that exists I close my eyes and let myself fall Hand in hand clasped together Eyes looking inside each other The stars shine for us tonight Carnal frenzy takes on my body Her caresses can heal my wounds Her temple opens up for me I find myself in her warmth Up to the sky and then I fall Then the morning came And something felt different She looked at me and told she was sorry Our love was impossible Cause people will judge her For being with someone like me She went out of the forest Left me alone there She turned and said goodbye While my lips and heart were frozen She disappeared in the horizon Despite the sun I never was so cold I stood there in confusion Something in my eyes is falling Is this the price to pay? Is it my destiny? Why am I here? Is there something other than pain? I gathered myself and went away In a place where no one would find me I feel the shattered pieces of my heart I’m Falling, I’m Falling
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Aeden Grey is a singer, musician and songwriter. Passionate about music since his childhood, he always wanted to be able to create and express himself by blending elements of metal, classical and symphonic music, as well as acoustic and synthesized instruments. He is self producing his own songs in his home studio.

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